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Property management


We Are Koketi

Koketi consulting understand that property investment is an integral component of wealth management .our total commitment to providing comprehensive and high quality service helps you create wealth and achieve your financial goals property investment


Property acquisition

Provision of market information, professional valuation, and analysis of investment potential
Property search and agency services
Arrangement of flexible mortgage plans and comprehensive insurance cover

Property leasing

We provide a comprehensive range of fully integrated services, allowing you to attain the maximum return on your asset hassle-free.
Advice on leasing strategies
Active promotion of the property through extensive marketing channels
Stringent assessment and selection of tenants
Lease negotiation and documentation service

Tenancy Management

As a representative of the owner, we handle all tenancy. Related matters with the tenants in a professional and dedicated manner, allowing owners to enjoy the benefits of renting out their properties over when they are overseas.
Rental collection and income transferred to the owner’s designated bank account
Monitoring of arrears and assist in rental collection or repossession of the property
Settlement of outgoing including government rates property tax and management fees etc.
Periodic rental reviews and negotiations of leases renewals
Ensuring compliance of the lease provisions to protect interest of the owner
Onsite inspection of the premises up to expiry of the lease
Regular inspection of vacant properties
Provision of a monthly statement, listening detail of income and expenses for easy reconciliation.

Property repair and maintenance

To safeguard property value and rental returns, property repair, and maintenance should not neglect. Koketi consulting has joined up with companies to offer to professional property repair and maintenance service including interior maintenance and renovation: follow-up orders and directions issued by the government or incorporated owners, so as to upkeep your properties in good conditions.

Property valuation/sale/

Updating of the property portfolio’s valuation
Consultancy services on interior design and renovation
Advice on the most appropriate property disposal strategies
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